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5-year-old Highland girl being called a hero

AMERICAN FORK (ABC 4 News) - 5-year-old Tiana Evans is being called a hero after saving another girl from drowning.
AMERICAN FORK (ABC 4 News) - 5-year-old Tiana Evans is being called a hero after saving another girl from drowning at the American Fork public pool.

“Our biggest fear when we take our kids to the pool is them drowning,” said Tiana’s mom, Emily.

Without the help of 5-year-old Tiana Evans, another little 4-year-old girl might not be alive today.

“I saved a little girl from drowning,” said Tiana.

Yes, she did.

What Tiana thought was a little girl searching for her ball at the bottom of the pool, turned out to be a little girl fighting for air. That’s when Tiana reached under water to help.

“She grabbed my thumb and then I pulled her up,” Tiana added.

“I asked Tiana why she was holding this little girl and she said because she was drowning,” said Emily.

From there the girl’s mother came over to help her daughter. At that time, no one knew that Tiana had saved her 4-year-olds life.

“Most kids, when they’re playing and someone is pulling on them,they say ‘get away from me’ but Tiana knew to pull her up,” said Emily.

As for the other mom, she knew that without Tiana that day could’ve ended a lot worse.

“She said to me, please tell your daughter thank you for saving my daughter’s life,” said Emily. “I wanted to cry because I was so touched and grateful.”

Just because there is a lifeguard on duty doesn’t mean you can opt out on watching your child in the water. And Emily hopes that this can be a lesson for every parent out there.

“As a parent, you can’t get comfortable…you have to watch your kids.”

“We want to work together, obviously, with the parents and babysitters,” said American Fork Public Pool Manager, Joey Byington. “We want to be there for the professional aspect in case there ever is an emergency.”

On thing is for sure, that Monday afternoon in American Fork is one day the Evans family will never forget.

“I told Tiana she’s a hero and she said ‘no mommy, I’m a lifeguard’,” said Emily.

And a lifeguard is exactly what Tiana wants to be when she grows up.

“It’s awesome,” said Tiana.

For more water safety tips for you and your family CLICK HERE.
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