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Winter Care for All Types of Hair

Winter isn't the best for your hair, but Jared Gomez has a few tips to keep your hair soft this season

"Winter Care For All Types of Hair" by Jared Gomez

-Look for products with Panthenol/B-5. They are "humectant" a.k.a. have incredible moisturizing properties. Hydrolized silk or soy proteins provides strength and moisture. Kakadu plum extract (exclusive to Kevin Murphy) contain collagen and packed with anti-oxidants that repair and protect and last but not least; Jojojba oil and Shea butter are also great traditional stand-by's.

-We don't wear the same moisturizers in the summer as we do in in the winter. Hair requires a bit more moisture during the cold months, when we are running our central heat, which zaps moisture from the air, skin and hair.

-Depending on your hair type (skinny, normal or fat) you may need to simply switch up your shampoo & conditioner. If your hair isn't especially dry, a weekly treatment or moisturizing mask may be all you need! This is a conversation you'll need to have with your stylist!

-Supplementing with omega fatty acids like flax, fish or krill oil are great at maintaining the lipids (or good fats) in your hair skin and nails

-Invest in a humidifier! It will do WONDERS for your hair AND skin!

-if you're having problems with fly-aways and static two sure fire ways to address this are: spray Kevin Murphy Session Spray to a natural or "boar bristle" brush and THEN run it through your hair. My favorite trick I picked up during a Fashion Week years ago? A dryer sheet-- Try it, it works!

- For more info or a consultation, visit Jared's new online booking system at Schedulicity.com

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