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Hot Dish: The Dirtiest Places In Restaurants

ABC News investigates where the germs live in the restaurants where you go out to eat!
Salad Bar Tongs
The salad bar tongs weren't that bad -- maybe because Americans don't eat enough salad.

Ketchup Bottles
The ketchup bottles weren't harboring anything too awful.

Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom Door Knobs
"The faucets, the door handles ... were some of our least germy items, because they get cleaned," Leamy said.

Rims of Glasses
The hidden cameras caught waiters gripping glasses right at the top where we drink, which gives pathogens a direct route into our bodies. Tests on the samples Leamy took detected multiple bacteria, including one linked with tuberculosis.

Here's a clue as to how tables could be so germy. Leamy and "20/20" were shown photographs of parents changing their baby's diapers at the table and toilet-training their toddlers in restaurants.

Salt and Pepper Shakers
Half of the swabs Leamy took from them were contaminated. How is that possible? They're used often but are rarely cleaned.

For the top three germiest spots, watch today's Daily Dish!

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