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Hot Dish: Separate Parking Spots For Men And Women?

In a small German town there are parking stalls designated for men and for women. The men's stalls are more technical. So they are better at not just driving but parking?
A small town in Germany's Black Forest best known for its cuckoo clocks and beautiful scenery is making headlines thanks to its mayor's new parking policy, which designates special parking spaces for male drivers because they are harder to get into.

Triberg Mayor Gallus Strobel told the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung he hopes to "challenge political correctness" with his new policy, adding that the tight spaces will be an "attraction" for ambitious drivers.

"Men are, as a rule, a little better at such challenges," Strobel, 58, said.

"The spots are tough to park in, and one must drive in reverse," he added, according to the German publication Focus.

The spaces set aside for women are wider, well-lit, and closer to the exit, TheLocal reported, while those designated for men require the driver to skillfully maneuver the vehicle into the spot and avoid hitting cement pillars.
The parking lot denotes which space is intended for which sex with large images of standard gender symbols.

The mayor told Focus the parking policy is above all a publicity stunt to draw tourists to Triberg.

The mayor told Focus the parking policy is, above all, a publicity stunt to draw tourists' attention to the idyllic town of Triberg.

"Our city spends about 50,000 euros every year for marketing, and the parking action may have cost us 50 euros," Strobel told Focus.

The mayor said the feedback has been mostly positive, adding that one man emailed him to say he would visit Triberg just so he could test his parking skills.

"Of course, there are also great women drivers!" Strobel added, according to The Local. "They are, of course, most welcome!"

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