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Hot Dish 7/16

Hot Dish 7/16


Whitney & Chehon

The Background: They'll be doing the bench routine from season two. Mia does not seem entirely confident they can murder this. Hmmm.

The Dance: And yet, they do. Chehon is so strong as a dancer and has such great lines. And Witney, well, she completely sells it.

The Judges: Nigel wants to know if they know the background of the dance. It's about Mia falling in love with a gay guy. And he thinks they captured it perfectly. Mary, however, notes that Chehon could loosen up again. But everyone agrees Witney is perfect. I can't really disagree.

Lindsay & Cole

The Background: They'll be doing Addiction from season five. Holy cow. This is one of the best routines Mia ever did, if you ask me.

The Dance: I love this. Love. I love that Cole brings this Terminator, robo cool to his interpretation, which is less evil than the original but more vivid to me. And Lindsay is just dead on. She isn't over the top, but she's emotional. The dancing is perfection.

The Judges: Nigel thinks it's the best routine of the night. And he's so right. Billy notes that he couldn't guess what their original genres are, because they're just that good. I think that, if they are in the bottom, they both have tickets into the top ten thanks to this routine.

Before we get to eliminations, I'm not sure how well the one-choreographer theme will work in the future, but if they have to do it, at least they started with Mia Michaels. She has such range, more than I realized, really.

Time for eliminations Waaah. Cyrus and Emelia are safe. Duh. Cyrus is a fan favorite, and Emelia is brilliant. Next, Tiffany and George. Tiffany is safe. She looks so shocked! George… is not safe. Aww, damn. Next, it's Will and Amelia. Will is safe, Amelia is not. Janelle is not safe, and neither is Dareian. One more guy and one more girl will be put on the block.

Audrey and Matthew are next. Witney and Chehon are also next. Wait, Linday and Cole -- Cat's talking to them, too. So, the final two dancers in danger are… Matthew and Lindsay.

I think they'll save Lindsay based on tonight's performance.
Nigel says they'd like to see everyone dance again. Amelia's dance is... well, very Amelia. But I'm not sure it's enough to save her. Janelle belly dances. What this says to me is that she's done amazingly well in this competition, because belly dancing has so little to do with most of what we see on the show. Impressive. Lindsay manages to pull a routine out of ballroom, which is pretty great. But not sure who they should save.

George is an amazing athlete. He's basically dancing to an industrial groan, which makes his performance all the more impressive. I think Dareian's solo is his strongest performance thus far. Finally, we see Matthew. Matthew's fine, but his dance leaves me a little cold.

Time for the verdicts. Nigel is going to save... Lindsay. I suspected, given tonight's performance. Sad to see Amelia and
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