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Habits That Split Couples Up

Kimile Pendleton explains habits that can possibly break up your relationship

1. Falling in love with a concept: Although it seems normal for you to try and help and correct your partner's mistakes or telling him or her how to behave and be, what you don't realize is that it can silently kill the magic in a relationship. No one wants to be told how better they can be or how wrong their ways are constantly. Although said in good faith such remarks can prove to be seriously damaging and cause fights eventually. To ease such problems out we suggest you try and appreciate their good habits more and put across complaints lightly.

2. Swinging with your mood: We have to realize that our partner cannot be our punching bag and deserves to be treated well in spite of our mood swings. You might be having a terrible day in the office <http://voices.yahoo.com/topic/36753/the_office.html> or it might be that time of the month when you are irritated. Nevertheless try not to vent it out on your partner. Instead try and talk to them about it. A comforting shoulder or a warm hug can make you feel a whole lot better.

3. Publishing your fights: How many of us run to our parents or dial our friend's number the minute we have a fight with our partner? Most of us do. This is the most hated among the habits that can split couples and it is best that we learn to control our anger and not publish every fight we have. Your personal life is yours and not for the world to know. It is demeaning to your partner's ego and can cause the rift to deepen between you both.

4. Drama-rama: This habit among the habits that can split couples is directed especially to the female gender. We understand completely that tears come easy to you but making your partner yield to your tears is not the best way to go about it. Relax and take a deep breath. Men can be very bad at handling the water works.

5. Mothering him: Once again, the stronger sex needs to take notice. Scolding and telling him or her off every time he or she makes a mistake or stopping him or her from doing the things he or she likes can prove to be a more problematic issue for you than for your partner. Men are like little boys and boys rebel if restricted too much. The same holds true for your partner also. You need to learn to be his sweet sexy girlfriend rather than his strict, fire breathing mommy.

6. Too much together time: This among the habits that can split couples is the most surprising one. Who knew that spending more time with your loved one can prove to be damaging? Unfortunately it does. One must learn to and be allowed to miss his or her partner and this is achieved by staying away once in a while.

7. Seeing green: Jealousy is a killer in every relationship and it needs to be avoided in your relationship with your partner also. Doubting them on every word they have said, snooping around in their phone and emails is the last thing you want to do if you want a strong relationship that anchors on trust.

8.Done dressing to impress: Remember the time, when he or she was smitten by the way you look? Well, recreate that feeling again. Getting too cozy in a relationship can cause it to become gray and boring. Dressing up for him or her once in a while definitely pays off and it shows that you care even after all those years.

To contact Kimile Pendleton visit wwwHealTheFamilyNow.com

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