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#DailyBeauty: Lift & Fix High Potency Solution

7/10 #DailyBeauty

LIFTLAB LIFT & FIX™ High Potency Solution

What’s really interesting about the brand is its exclusive, patented Cell Protection Proteins® (CPP™), a 100% natural biological ingredient first discovered as the secret to survival in plants and marine life that thrive in icy Arctic waters.

LIFTLAB LIFT & FIX™ High Potency Solution

·  proven to reduce redness and irritation caused by UV rays by 95% within 72 hours*

·  CPP™ is also clinically proven to not only protect cells and counteract inflammation; they also balance skin’s moisture level—critical to keeping the skin’s protective barrier function intact—and boost your skin’s natural cell regeneration process to encourage long term optimal cell renewal. treatments and intensive peels as well as after shaving.  

·  created for use by both men and women.

·  FUN TIP: To beat the heat and save your skin chill LIFT & FIX™ in the fridge to keep cool this season! With LIFT & FIX™ chilled to enhance its proven redness-relief properties, you have an unbeatable way to beat the heat before and after sun exposure!

·         Price: $95 / 3.4 oz.

·         Retail Availability: Please visit www.theliftlab.com


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