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Couch to 5K

Commitment is the key to achieving your goals! Fitness experts from Lifetime Fitness gave some great tips to help you get started!
Steve Cutler, General Manager, and Staci Taylor, Life Time Run Coach, from Life Time Fitness in South Valley talked about the importance of commitment when it comes to achieving your fitness goals! They gave us tips to help us commit to getting healthy, even if you're starting from the couch and working your way up to a 5K!

Sign up for an event: When you're gearing up for an event like a 5K, the hardest part is getting up off of the couch for the first time and committing to it. Just signing up for a 5K, you've made an impressive first step. 

It's always easier to stick to something if you've committed to it. When you sign up for an event like a 5K run, you're making a promise or a pledge to attend and have to put the work in to prepare. We feel so strongly about this idea that Life Time has decided to host a national Commitment Day on January 1st. One of the races will be in Salt Lake City. Their mission is to really promote the importance of making a commitment to a healthy way of life, one step at a time.

Get involved in group training programs: The great thing about 5K races, like Life Time Fitness' Commitment Day 5K, is that they often have training programs that help you prepare. There is nothing more powerful than enlisting a group of people to help keep you accountable and motivate you to reach your goals. Our Commitment Day training program starts up on November 8th for members and nonmembers.

Why a training program is great for you: As part of a run club or 5K training program we work really hard to help everyone meet their own personal fitness goals, and make health and wellness a part of their everyday life.

That starts with advising people to…
Eat right. Adopting healthy eating habits isn't as hard as people think. Ease into it and take small steps that you're comfortable with. 
Quick Tips:
· Drink more water and swap out sugary drinks like soda and some juices
· Eat smaller meals and snack more often to keep your metabolism up throughout the day

Go at your own pace: When you do get up off the couch and take that step toward getting healthy, don't feel like you need to dive headfirst into an intense program. For example, with our Commitment Day training program, we make sure everyone moves at their own pace to give them the best chance at success. That might mean that they walk the 5K on January 1st. That's great. As long as we help everyone have a positive experience and achieve results that they can build on.

When you join a run club you're going to see all fitness levels from beginners to experts. Don't let intimidation keep you from joining. A lot of great runners were once at that beginner stage too. Everyone starts somewhere. 

The key element of a great 5K training program is interval training. We advise members to get in at least three good 20-30 minute workouts in each week.

For a beginner, your first workout might be a 5-minute walk followed by 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds or walking for a total of 20 minutes. Each week the goal will be to increase the running portion of your workout as you continue to get fitter and stronger.

Quick Tips:
· Make them a part of your routine by scheduling them on the same days each week.
· Do them first thing in the morning so that you don't have the entire day to talk yourself out of it.
· Approach each workout as if it's simply another part of your daily routine, like your drive to work or your favorite late night TV show.

If you're interested in learning more about Life Time's Commitment Day and the 5K training program, go to www.commitmentday.com

Viewers can get a $5 discount on Commitment Day registration by using the code CORP0598 at www.CommitmentDay.com

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